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The Business New Year’s Resolution That Actually Stuck

A year ago, nearly to the day, I sat in an exam room at the doctor’s office during an annual physical and heard words I didn’t expect. “Your blood pressure is high.” Just as the doctor started to talk about how he was surprised, given I had shown no signs of it before and how … Continued

Tanner Friedman December 2018 Update

A year of results with takeaways for the future — Check out our latest collaborations & insights in the December 2018 edition of the Tanner Friedman Telegraph.

The President of CNN Needs Media Training. What about you?

When I conduct media training sessions, there are a few stories I tend to tell to illustrate points. One is about the executive who, about five minutes into a session, was interrupted by his assistant about a phone call from headquarters. While the session lasted several hours, he chose not to return. Another is about … Continued

Freedom of the Pressroom

With the Thanksgiving holiday now officially passed, many of us continue to reflect upon what we are thankful for including at home, at work and in society at large. Those who arrived in American for the first time in 1620 famously gave thanks for their safe passage and a life free from religious and governmental … Continued

Stop The Cliche For Bad Communications

A simple Google News search shows that it happens every week. Someone, or some company, in the public eye makes a bad decision to communicate in an insensitive, inappropriate or even immoral way. Instead of using precise language to call attention to what can be, at best, a mistake and, at worst, a flaw in … Continued