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Tanner Friedman Teams with University of Michigan Faculty to help Companies Communicate More Effectively, Increase Team Performance

Jul 05, 2007

FARMINGTON HILLS, MI. (July 5, 2007) - The strategic communications firm of Tanner Friedman will collaborate with University of Michigan - Dearborn School of Management professors Timothy Hartge and Dr. Curtis Van Voorhees to offer Organizational Communications training to companies and corporations. Performance Thinkers' seminars apply real science* and years of organizational communications experience, teaching companies how to recognize the strengths of its individuals - including how they think and communicate - and utilize them most effectively as a unified, high performance team. 

"Organizations that effectively communicate with their professionals at all levels realize real and significant financial and tangential benefits**over companies that do not," said Don Tanner, partner, Tanner Friedman. "Performance Thinkers' seminars serve as an ideal complement to our core competencies." 

Those benefits include: 

  • 20 percent higher market premium 
  • 57 percent higher shareholder returns  
  • 5 times higher employee engagement 
  • 20 percent increased likelihood lower employee turnover rates.

Added partner Matt Friedman: "For an organization to have an effective communications program, its efforts must focus beyond simply publicity. The experts collaborating as part of our team work on the proven theory that an organization that communicates well internally stands the best chance of effectively delivering its message outside of its walls."

Said University of Michigan - Dearborn Professor Tim Hartge: "With Tanner Friedman, we will present the skills for a company to look inward and then create a platform for improved thinking, effective internal communications and outstanding growth."  

About Tanner Friedman

Based in Farmington Hills, MI, Tanner Friedman is a strategic communications firm specializing in traditional and emerging media relations, adversity management and public relations counsel. Visit www.tannerfriedman.com.


*Herrmann Brain Dominance � **Sources: Watson Wyatt Worldwide, Effective Communication: A Leading Indicator of Financial Performance - 2005/2006 Communication ROI Study�

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