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Tanner Friedman Partner Updates Book, No Static at All

Feb 15, 2010

FARMINGTON HILLS, MI - How has radio and pop music changed over the past 30 years? What is the current state of the industry today and what might tomorrow bring? One-time radio personality and programmer Don Tanner provides an inside look while further examining these dynamics in a new, updated edition of his book, "No Static at All - A behind the scenes journey through radio and pop music," published by iUniverse.

With a first edition originally released in late 2005, "No Static" received accolades and a spot on the required reading list at the prestigious Newhouse School of Communications at Syracuse University.

The latest version offers readers an updated and unique, "behind-the-scenes" glimpse at what it's like to climb behind the microphone and up the ladder from small to major market radio while reviewing radio's roots, reinventions and resilience. Also new: a chapter on the "King of Pop" Michael Jackson and radio and music-themed excerpts from the popular Tannerfriedman.com blog.

As a child, Tanner professed his love radio and pop music by listening to Top 40 AM stations late into the night via transistor radio and playing radio station, complete with turntables and tape recorders, in his bedroom. Officially embarking on his "first career" via college radio in Champaign, Illinois, Tanner worked his way up through the ranks of commercial FM. A national industry trade magazine, "Monday Morning Replay" brought him to Detroit where he later returned to the airwaves with Metro Networks, Inc., reporting over WWJ-AM, WXYT-AM, WLLZ-FM, WLTI-FM and others.

"No Static" is available online through all major booksellers including: amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com as well as at iuniverse.com. Visit "No Static" on Facebook at: facebook.com/nostaticatallbook.

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