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NBC News Looks to Tanner Friedman as Expert Source on GM Recall Story

Mar 11, 2014

Tanner Friedman Strategic Communications Co-Founding Partner Don Tanner provided insights for a recent NBC.com 

General Motors recall story focused on new head Mary Barra and her approach to crisis communications. 


"It's always vital that the person at the top take ownership of the problem, as Mary Barra has done," said Don Tanner, a partner in the surburban Detroit crisis communications firm Tanner Friedman. "But, it really comes down to accountability," he added, noting the public's distaste with the idea that no one in the financial community has been held accountable for the banking and mortgage scandals that nearly destroyed the U.S. economy.


GM will almost certainly pay in court to the families of those injured or killed due to the switch problem, and may wind up paying millions in federal fines for its delayed recalls. But Barra also may need to shake up the GM system, suggested Tanner, and hold some people responsible.


"To show she is not just talking the talk may mean more than just opening their (corporate) pocketbook," he said. If she handles it right, stressed Tanner, Barra "could come out as a hero by demonstrating good decision making."


The full article can be viewed at: http://nbcnews.to/1qg6NTm


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