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Automotive X Prize Taps Tanner Friedman for NAIAS Debut

Jan 01, 2008

Detroit will officially "mark the spot" for the introduction of the Automotive X Prize on the world stage at this year's North American International Auto Show. After enlisting Tanner Friedman to unveil the Prizes' initial teams of competitors last August, AXP has once again signed the strategic communications firm to assist with its automotive show debut at Cobo Hall, January 13-18th.

Tanner Friedman is responsible for national and local media relations for AXP as well as serving as in-market liaison and coordinator for show communications, exhibit/display production and transportation and lodging logistics. Tanner Friedman is working in conjunction with Washington, D.C.-based C. Fox Communications, AXP's national agency of record.

The multi-million dollar Automotive X Prize is an international competition designed to stimulate innovation and the creation of a new generation of super efficient, environmentally friendly, production-ready 100 MPG or equivalent vehicles. A road-rally/race component will take place in 2009.

Said agency partner Don Tanner: "AXP is an ideal collaborative partner, allowing our agency the opportunity to put our international automotive experience - including events and Auto Show debuts - into practice for a purpose of the utmost importance to our world and they way we live." 

The X PRIZE Foundation is an educational nonprofit prize institute whose mission is to create radical breakthroughs for the benefit of humanity. On October 4, 2004, the X PRIZE Foundation captured world headlines when Mojave Aerospace Ventures, led by legendary aircraft designer Burt Rutan and Microsoft Co-founder Paul Allen, built and flew the world's first private vehicle to space twice in two weeks to win the $10 million Ansari X PRIZE.

The Foundation has since expanded to offer new prizes for breakthroughs in medicine, healthcare, energy production and consumption, education and the automotive industry. In October of 2006, the X PRIZE Foundation announced the $10 million Archon X PRIZE for genomics, which will reward the first private effort to map 100 human genomes in 10 days ushering in a new era of personalized preventative medicine. For more information please visit www.xprize.org.

About Tanner Friedman

Tanner Friedman is a strategic communications firm specializing in traditional and emerging media relations, adversity management and public relations counsel. Tanner Friedman is located in the landmark Tri-Atria Building at 32255 Northwestern Highway, Suite 298, in Farmington Hills, Michigan. Visit: tannerfriedman.com.

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