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Stone Soap Company, Inc. Secures Tanner Friedman to Promote New Green Hybrid Diesel Product

Jun 05, 2008

SYLVAN LAKE, Mich. - Stone Soap Company, Inc., America's oldest car wash detergent manufacturing company, has chosen Tanner Friedman to promote the company and the development of a new, patent-pending, clean hybrid bio diesel fuel, produced through the synthesis of vegetable or animal oil with natural gas.

Founded in 1932 in Detroit and now based in Sylvan Lake, Stone Soap Company Inc. is part of 21st Century R&D, LLC a consortium of three companies (along with Chicago-based Pelron, Inc. and Titan Chemical Company) that have discovered and harnessed the complex chemistry involved in producing new hybrid bio fuels and fuel supplements.

"Rather than reacting vegetable oil or animal fat with an alkali to create soap, we are reacting vegetable oil or animal fat with natural gas to create a new generation hybrid bio diesel fuel," said Steve Stone, executive vice president, Stone Soap Company, Inc. "This new hybrid fuel burns cleaner, is more efficient and is cheaper to produce. Importantly, it does not tax the food supply. It's a game-changer at a time when we need it most." 

Though a finite fossil fuel, natural gas is abundant in the United States and throughout the world. It is estimated that there is close to a 400-year supply of natural gas in the U.S. alone. Stone Soap Company Inc. is America's oldest and most trusted car wash chemical manufacturing company, operating in metro Detroit for more than 75 years. Stone Soap originated several products common in today's professional auto washes, including pressure wash detergent for the self-serve auto washes, rinse aid and spray wax for automatic auto washes and multi-colored foam shampoos for self-serve and automatic auto washes. www.stonesoap.com.

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Tanner Friedman is a Farmington Hills, Michigan-based strategic communications firm specializing in traditional and emerging media relations, adversity management and public relations counsel. Visit tannerfriedman.com.

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