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Internal Communications

Too often, organizations make the mistake of ignoring one of their most important assets in times of challenge or opportunity: their own people. Maintaining a consistent dialogue with staff is a necessary component of endorsing a sense of involvement and commitment among them to your organization. A supported staff can be an organization’s greatest ally and brand ambassador in managing marketplace and community perceptions.

From plant closings to corporate restructuring to new branding identities, Tanner Friedman has helped organizations of all sizes determine the best ways to communicate to internal audiences via traditional and emerging channels. Objectives often include helping employees feel included in overall operations, alleviating fears or doubts in times of crisis or encouraging acceptance of change.


  • Guide clients through the careful process of communicating the facts, at the right time, via the appropriate “chain of command” to minimize operational disruption, prevent misunderstanding and accomplish a company’s intended outcome
  • Implement or enhance existing internal communications vehicles - such as newsletters, intranets or social media - to best match an organization’s culture and staff expectations
  • Establish appropriate systems and processes to help companies determine the appropriate amount of communication, delivery systems and formats to reach staff members who are on-site, in satellite locations or “on the road”
  • Design employee and membership engagement campaigns and communications to capitalize on all associations to foster relationships and motivate action that could positively affect a company’s development and sustainability

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