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Community Relations

Simply put, a good community relations strategy is a good business strategy. A company’s level of respect and customer loyalty within the markets in which it operates can emerge, solidify or heighten based on its perceived relevance and commitment within the community. Aligning the company mission with strategically selected nonprofits and applicable agencies, taking notable positions on boards and attending highly regarded activities all contribute to enhancing company image.

Tanner Friedman has the connections and know-how to help position large-scale organizations, corporate and divisional leadership and entrepreneurs within marketplaces of importance, demonstrating their leadership, philanthropy, expertise and civic responsiveness.


  • Position leadership in high-profile engagements, including speaking opportunities, forums, roundtables, Board memberships
  • Facilitate introductions to community leaders, government officials, Chambers of Commerce and associations to foster an interconnectedness with communities of importance
  • Maximize and identify appearances at industry events, conferences and trade shows where attendance would elevate the client’s exposure
  • Engage in strategic philanthropy with nonprofits sharing in or parallel to client’s objectives or mission to promote a commitment to civic responsibility
  • Execute and generate awareness for local activities, sponsorships (whether media, paid or partnership) or major gifts benefiting the community

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