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Brand Building

This essential ingredient of reputation management and marketing counsel encompasses message development and tactical campaigns to present a clear, unified identity. A brand represents who a company is, what it does and what differentiates it from the competition. A comprehensive branding or re-branding strategy can lift clients from where they are to where they want to be. Positioning strategies are conveyed throughout all of a client's operations and communications platforms consistently and honestly to establish an overall identity, accurately reflecting an organization's vision, philosophy and personality.


  • Develop key messages with clients to distinguish products, services or organizational identity
  • Craft internal and external materials – whether print, video, audio or online – for consistent communication of a brand's points of distinction
  • Frame a brand's core attributes in the context of useful, memorable information with marketing and media narratives
  • Define potential audiences thoughtfully to embrace those of importance, including current and potential customers, suppliers, lenders, investors, industry analysts, current and prospective employees, trade or professional associations, journalists, community residents and government, civic and/or business leaders

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