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Social Media Strategy

Digital communications tools are constantly evolving as powerful, precise, real-time opportunities for organizations to build their brands, tell their own stories and participate in the 21st century marketplace. So, too, are the expectations of consumers who expect information to be available when, where and how they want it. In addition to reaching select audiences on their own terms, new communication technology positions adopters as progressive leaders in sharing information, forming opinions and making decisions. However, these resources should not be used in a communications vacuum and require strategic, consistent and valuable content.

Tanner Friedman coordinates, implements and instructs social media programs daily for a variety of organizations and has given seminars on its uses throughout the region. We navigate the technical and ethical challenges of boosting recognition and credibility through blogging, video and photo sharing, social networking and microblogging. Our expertise also extends to organic Search Engine Optimization, which is vital to understanding how Google, Yahoo, Bing and other sites rank pages and blogs.


  • Institute or enhance the blog of a CEO or president
  • Introduce or augment an integrated approach to social media platforms
  • Craft electronic releases with links to archived visual or audio resources
  • Participate in online business forums
  • Establish organic Search Engine Optimization to stimulate higher rankings through review and management of web site content and activities that bring links from third party online sources
  • Guide with knowledgeable counsel each approach to allow direct conversations with niche audiences while avoiding missteps as ethical boundaries emerge alongside the technology
  • Create or enhance organizational presence on appropriate social media platforms
  • Advise on the use of existing and new content across various digital channels

Each approach allows direct conversations with niche audiences. Knowledgeable counsel is essential to avoid missteps as ethical boundaries emerge alongside the technology.

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