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Multimedia Production

In this age of "new media," organizations must be equipped to tell their own stories via diverse platforms, including in video, audio and photos. New technology has brought about new tools that are both time and cost effective as avenues to position an organization’s expertise and personalize its ownership, management or staff. Multimedia content can break down barriers between operations and potential clients or customers. Audience habits dictate resources that will entertain and inform.

Tanner Friedman has the resources and relationships to script, create and distribute multimedia productions that communicate your message in compelling fashion, from podcasts to video presentations and from live streaming to interactive demonstrations.


  • Produce scripts and coordinate production, voiceovers and/or distribution for podcasts and online video postings
  • Create marketing, informational and expert positioning videos
  • Generate credible, yet entertaining, broadcast commercials
  • Coordinate compelling photography
  • Craft presentations for conferences, forums, hearings, employee briefings or investment pitches
  • Shape effective trade show materials

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