Tanner Friedman
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Fundraising & Event Communications Management

With many worthy causes and events vying for attention amidst hectic schedules and overcommitted budgets, the know-how to successfully promote such causes can make the difference in how potential guests choose which event and organization to support. Tanner Friedman is skilled at messaging and promoting fundraising and event efforts to support an organization’s overall communications objectives, as well as help achieve its end goals.


  • Develop messaging, collateral materials and speeches supporting efforts and goals
  • Devise appropriate marketing, branding, advertising and/or media strategies
  • Identify potential community or business partners
  • Provide on-site assistance to coordinate media, VIP or dignitary attendance
  • Promotion services include groundbreakings, grand openings, open houses, conferences, fundraising benefits, guest speakers, community forums, panel discussions, festivals, anniversary celebrations and major attractions

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