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Business and Politics Mix. Here’s How It’s Different Now.

Business and politics don’t mix, you say? How quaint. And how naive. Yes, we’re seeing much more commentary, especially from major employers, when it comes to political and social issues now that this iceberg is visible above the water’s surface. But big and small business have long, probably always, had a voice in political issues. … Continued

A Public Figure is a Public Figure is a Public Figure – Repeat.

When someone becomes a public figure, they are going to compromise their private life. There is simply no way around that fact as “home” and “work” become forever intertwined and actions open to scrutiny. Whitmer administration COO Tricia Foster is the latest public figure to experience this, posting and then taking down Facebook photos of … Continued

Cut The B.S. About “Transparency”

Once upon a time, maybe 15 or so years ago, the word “transparency” was part of a laudable communications message. It told audiences that you weren’t going to hide from the truth. It was a signal that you would put information, even uncomfortable facts, forward. It was a word that communicated you were going to … Continued

Confusing TV Channel Name Change Explained

Amid all of the changes in the media business in the last decade or so, I’ve never been asked as much about one even before it happens. On March 31st, all of the Fox Sports-branded regional sports networks (RSNs) around the country will change their name to “Bally Sports.” Viewers just can’t seem to understand … Continued


How did you get through the past 12 months? For us, it was about experience in helping clients through change. Read more on change communications, social media execution during a time of adversity, and more in Tanner Friedman’s 2021 Q1 Update.

WHMI-FM Proves Radio Can Come Home(town) Again

With so much attrition in the media business, it’s not every day that you come across a radio broadcaster with more than 30 years of experience on-the-air (and counting). Perhaps rarer still is a station with a small market approach reaching into a major market. That’s why we talked to WHMI (93.5 FM/Howell, Michigan) and … Continued