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Times Like These

It’s times like these you learn to live again It’s times like these you give and give again It’s times like these you learn to love again It’s times like these time and time again. -Foo Fighters In times of crisis, true leaders distinguish themselves. In how they interact and guide their colleagues. In how … Continued

Treason or a Reason?

Amid investigations and indictments and “tell all” books the New York Times this week published an Opinion piece by an anonymous author purporting to also represent others within the White House to much debate and fury. “Treasonous” shouted the president and his proponents. Rather, I would argue, it is the perfect demonstration of what can … Continued

What's The Buzz – Tell Me What's Happening

Bill O’Reilly. The Facebook murderer. Media and society.  All were hot topics and the center of conversation last night on Fox-2’s “Let it Rip” with Huel Perkins.  As we helped weigh in as part of a distinguished panel something apparent became even more disturbingly clear: something is wrong in Denmark, on many fronts. And, tying … Continued

Yahoo! Should Consider The Power of Quiet

In recent days, Yahoo! Inc. CEO Marissa Mayer made major headlines with her decision to end full-time working from home for all employees, citing a need for greater collaboration and productivity. I had originally intended to write a blog based on ‘work-life’ balance but a piece this weekend by Miami Herald syndicated columnist Leonard Pitts, … Continued

Boss Says No Hoops At Work? – That's March Madness!

All over America over the next few days, there will be managers inside workplaces actually worried about employees watching college basketball at work. I know. I’ve worked with that type. They’ll be so worried that many employees will be forced to sneak in viewing (pretending to do something else) while one survey shows 6 out … Continued

Reexamining Generational Motivation In The Workplace

Last time, fresh from Las Vegas and the Interactive Manufacturing Experience (imX), an event and summit on the present and future of manufacturing presented in part by client SME (Society of Manufacturing Engineers), I relayed keynote speaker and global futurist Jim Carroll’s thoughts on world-class innovators. How they think. What sets them apart. Continuing in … Continued