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Op-Ed Opportunity Takes Understanding

Just when it seems like everything in media has changed, there’s one piece of news real estate that’s still as prized as beachfront property. The op-ed. To those who work in government affairs, it’s the brass ring – attention for their policy initiative. To the big ego, it’s a tantalizing chance to gain attention (with … Continued

There Is Life After Sports Illustrated and It’s A Kind of Sad

There once was a time when media consumption wasn’t constant. There was a time and a place for it. For most of my life, my favorite piece of media, the time was Friday, either afternoon or evening, and the place was the couch. The media I looked forward all week to consuming was Sports Illustrated. … Continued

AI: New Technology Could Bring New Life to Past Media Programming

Content is King. As consumers, it’s what we crave. As communicators, it’s what we create. From radio, cable and satellite to podcasts, apps and Roku, the appetite must be fed. More platforms also means more competition and the need for what is heard, watched, read, broadcast or streamed to be compelling and produced quickly and … Continued

The PR Cuts That Will Actually Be Good For Business

Leading a half-day media relations workshop just last week for communicators from across the country, we challenged them all to make necessary cuts. They, like all of us, need to cut their media lists. They need to send their pitches and releases to fewer journalists. Really. As soon as possible. PR is in a crisis … Continued

How Media Changed From Inside “Camp O.J.” 25 Years Later

In looking at how the O.J. Simpson case changed media and changed careers 25 years ago, the stories of those who worked at the enormous media compound outside the Criminal Courts Building in Downtown Los Angeles in 1994 and 1995 – known as “Camp O.J.” – are among the most fascinating. To share one of … Continued

25 Years Later, A Conversation With An OJ Analyst

25 years ago, using a primitive, pre-Windows newsroom computer system, I could type “lower 1/3” graphic information for the name Erwin Chemerinsky with the same speed as I could Johnnie Cochran. In putting together nightly recaps of the O.J. Simpson trial, using network interviews, I knew I could always count on a soundbite from the … Continued