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Mom Always Did Know Best

While it is important for all of us to consider our professional brand – including how we develop, communicate it and market what we do in business – it is as important (if not more so) to underscore our personal brand. That includes defining and consistently exhibiting who we are and what we stand for. … Continued

Dare Mighty Things – With The Right Approach

Always interesting and forever eventful, the Detroit Regional Chamber Mackinac Policy Conference always brings something new to the table. This year, my 22nd on the island, I had the good fortune to experience the knowledge and perspectives of our next generation, via the Chamber’s “Emerging Leaders” group – an experience both enlightening and thought provoking. … Continued

Lost and Found

This week was one of the toughest of my life from both a personal and business perspective. The timing was almost uncannily ironic as I was recently asked to speak to a young professionals group in the Spring on handling life and professional challenges. First of all, if problems related to work (or time outside … Continued

Mentoring: Marvels, Lamentations, Revelations

What is a mentor?  In the business world, it is typically someone who takes the time to help others learn their craft, further their career, find their way.  Sometimes, that mentorship can turn into friendship, when built upon mutual respect.  But to work for the long haul, it must go both ways. In 1991, I … Continued

Giving Back To The Future

While we are all busy with the day-to-day of work and life, a few recent events underscored the importance of taking the time to stop for a moment to look both back and forward and seek out ways of playing a tangible role in furthering a chosen field.  In 1991, while still working in radio, … Continued