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Explore Radio’s Role In Capitol Riot

It may not be true in politics, but it is in real life: Just because you’re a fan of something doesn’t mean it’s beyond reproach. I’m a fan of radio. It’s what started me, at a young age, on my path to a career in communications. It is, or was before the pandemic, my companion, … Continued

Larry Barron Provided Big Life Moments, Then and Now

I remember exactly where I was sitting the first time I heard what Larry Barron sounded like on the radio. If the building was still standing now, more than 33 years later, I could take you through the door, around the corner and just down the hall and point to the exact spot where I … Continued

Thank You To A Retiring Role Model

In more than 50 years of covering news on the radio in Detroit, Dick Haefner has reported on every possible type of story in what’s arguably the nation’s best all-around news market. But he has never been one to make the story about him. That’s OK. Before he retires from full-time work, after serving as … Continued

They Say They “Heart” Radio, But Do They Really?

There’s an old saying in broadcasting. It probably started in radio. When you get into that business, especially on the air, you need to know there are two kinds of broadcasters. Those who have been fired. And those who will be fired. Nobody reinforced the lessons about the realities of the radio business than the … Continued

Radio’s Latest Moves: Cost Cutting or Throat Slashing?

When I first entered the world of radio in what seems like another life, I did so because of the intrigue I always had for the medium. I loved to listen to the music of the day but, just as much, I was drawn to the on-air personalities – the talented broadcasters working behind the … Continued

WLLZ “Detroit’s Wheels” Rolls Again

The Detroit airwaves just got a bit more interesting today with yet another format change that is one part nostalgia and another part Lazarus. WLLZ-FM “Detroit’s Wheels” has returned – same bat time, albeit different bat channel (and musical approach).  It’s worth both an historic as well as contemporary look. WLLZ, as most know, was … Continued