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Will Soros Investment Affect Your Local News?

Three years ago this week, radio station owner Entercom enjoyed a stock price of $187.80. Five weeks later, in March 2021, the company, which owns 227 local stations and also podcast production companies, renamed itself Audacy. Today, in bankruptcy, its stock is trading for 15 cents per share. Just last week, the investment firm that … Continued

A Tribute to Ken Calvert

Much is being recalled and written about today on the untimely and tragic passing of Ken (“KC”) Calvert. And with good reason. He was a legend. Known as “The Casual One” he could just have easily gone by any number of other monikers – “The Personable One” or “The Talented One.” He was just that … Continued

What’s Next for 910 AM Superstation?

Listeners turning in to 910 AM Superstation this weekend were no doubt checking and rechecking the radio dial position and time of day, greeted by ESPN radio, normally a station overnight staple. Bit by bit information has trickled out that the regular format – at one time billed as the “The Voice of Detroit” and … Continued

Radio Station Return A Fun Media Moment, At Least

The closest thing to a time machine may have been invented by, of all people, those who run a once-bankrupt media company. But will it be good for business? For now, I don’t really care because I’m really enjoying it as it’s getting started. 99X is back on the radio in Atlanta and, well, everywhere. … Continued

The King of the Road Takes a Detour

It comes up in an instant and is completed almost as quickly.  And yet, the radio traffic report can often be as important as anything broadcast across the airwaves. Over a career spanning nearly 50 years, perhaps no one has plied his roadway craft more capably than Dennis Neubacher, who officially “retired” from full-time on-air … Continued

Success In Broadcasting Takes Broadcasters

One of the great things about working with clients for many years can be the conversations. It’s the shoptalk that can’t usually happen in a meeting. Over the weekend, I got one of those calls. It was a burning question from Rich Homberg, the General Manager of Detroit Public TV. Sometimes, we talk about TV. … Continued