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One Week Fantasy Sports: Ad Blitz Now, PR Issues Later?

If you even casually watch or follow sports, especially America’s most popular TV sports, football, there is no doubt you have felt saturated by TV commercials, radio host endorsements, web banners and social media ads for two websites competing in a new gaming platform called “one week fantasy sports.” Fans and journalists alike are taking … Continued

Nike to Armstrong: No You Didn't (Do It)

The Tanner Friedman blog is wonderful outlet for Matt and I to express our opinions and we are forever grateful to anyone that takes the time to read and, quite often, share their thoughts. This forum is also ideal for showcasing timely stories by top journalists working in our industry, including a new piece by … Continued

Dr. Dre Goes For Olympic Gold

Despite stepped up rules by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to protect official sponsorships for the 2012 games in London from “ambush marketing”, one product is being seen (if not heard) often by spectators and athletes alike. Beat headphones have been appearing on Olympians from a number of countries, provided free by entrepreneur Dr. Dre. … Continued

2008 Woodward Dream Cruise Logo Was Emblematic, Symbolic

In just a few short days the annual rite of August, the Woodward Dream Cruise, will motor its way through nine host communities to the tune of 40,000 classic cars and a million people. Though Tanner Friedman chose, subsequent to the 2008 Cruise, not to continue as the Executive Director team, we are rooting for … Continued

MotorCity Casino Hotel Continues to 'Rev' Woodward Dream Cruise

I was quite pleased to read today that MotorCity Casino Hotel has become the official presenting sponsor of the Woodward Dream Cruise. It is actually something I, in my role as Executive Director, and my team, approached the casino to discuss over two years ago. If people only knew the behind-the-scenes work, dedication and dollars … Continued

A Trade(ing) Post

Matt and I are often sought out by PR students and others new to the industry on topics such as running a firm and overall ethics. I was recently asked how our organization handles client trade; in other words, in-kind compensation. While such an arrangement can be worked out many different ways, at Tanner Friedman, … Continued