A Multi-Media Toast

Multimedia(1)While Facebook and Twitter provide an opportunity for an on-going “mini dialogue” of thoughts and perspectives, blogging, of course, allows for more in depth commentary on a particular topic. This week, I am combining the three social media platforms for a Tweet + Blog + Post as I “Toast” a few of my latest multi-media “favorite things.”

Television: While many argue either that there is nothing on TV, or, that the only true creativity is on cable, I continue to be “wowed” by the great writing on NBC’s “30 Rock” and “The Office.” A recent episode of the former featured recurring guest Matt Damon questioning why Geico Insurance would have three different spokespersons (gecko, caveman and the lame Rod Serling imitator).  On the latter, new office building owner Dwight bragged to Jim of his newly expanded key ring: “The more expansive the key ring, the more important the man.” Countered Jim: “So says the custodian.”

Advertising: Though the theme is incredibly hokey, I like the new Southwest Airline commercials, “Good Copy, Bag Cop,” which feature airline ground crews policing airlines that charge for luggage. These denizens of justice race down runways alongside taxiing airplanes with their logos “blurred” ala the TV show “Cops.” The only thing missing is the classic tagline of previous Southwest spots: “You are now free to move about the country.”

Newspaper: I never thought I would say it, but I now prefer the digital versions of the Detroit News and Detroit Free Press to the actual paper. The digital News and Freep are bright and easy to read and the virtual page turning function is fun to utilize. Now, the powers that be have unveiled an improved interface for quicker, simpler accessibility. Well done.

Radio: Thought not exactly new, many have yet to discover the AOL Radio cell phone application. The app enables you to access virtually any CBS radio station across the country over almost every format. As such, your cell phone can become, for all intents and purposes, a 21st century transistor radio or Walkman. With Ford’s Synch system, you can also stream in your car. Radio junkies never had it so good.

For me, this “Toast” has been cathartic during a week in which my travel schedule had me too busy to post or tweet. Now to get that Julie Andrews song out of my head…