A 'Site' For Sore Ears: Ann Delisi Returns to WDET-FM

Just when you think terrestrial radio has totally lost its mind with the continued ransoming off of on-air talent for the bottom line: Ann Delisi is officially back on the airwaves at WDET-FM (101.9)! It’s all part of the station’s rededication to the City of Detroit, making the station once again a frequency modulation destination.

Debuting this weekend and airing Saturdays and Sundays from noon to 4pm, Ann’s show will feature a unique blend of talk and music, including from local artists—something she has always been at the forefront of and is woefully lacking today. My only complaint is that she won’t be on 7 days a week! (with all due apologies to Ann for the suggestion she should work around the clock so that we can enjoy the fruits of her labor and immense talent).

As I’ve said and written before, Ann Delisi is a radio and music revolutionary, visionary and true proponent of not just local music and artists but great music in general (often that which does not enjoy widespread airplay due to industry politics and/or lack of corporate promotion). Her work with the original River (CIDR) in the 90s was among the finest I have ever experienced anywhere; among other things giving talented “Lilith Fair” artists their due and the equal airtime footing they always deserved.

Welcome back, Ann, we’ve missed you! And to WDET: Thank you.