Art Vuolo Goes All-Virtual, All The Time

It is another unfortunate sign of the times. The weekly radio column shared by Art Vuolo and Mike Austerman in the Oakland Press saw its last newsprint page in today’s edition. The two have alternated every other week to bring us the latest news and insights on radio for nearly 7 years. It was something I and other radio junkies, looked forward to over Sunday morning Wheaties.

The newspaper column’s exit bespeaks a sad truth about two traditional mediums; both of which continue to lose their respective audience. As a result, their content and content providers remain in a state of flux—columns and programs are changed; reporters and programmers are axed. In this case, however, the changes are especially perplexing. After all, don’t long-time traditional radio listeners also make up the generation that prefers a physical newspaper? If so, why would you cut a column that, arguably, would hold appeal to your core readership? In the end, it is always about dollars and cents (not sense).

Thankfully, we will still have the good fortune to read Art and Mike’s words via and