Business Now Means Communicating Now

A few mornings ago, I was privileged to sit on a panel as part of a seminar called “Economic Clarity:  Business Now.”  Professionals representing multiple aspects of business were asked to talk about the advice they are giving their clients and the answers to the most common questions they are receiving.  Put together by the law firm Clark Hill, I joined a panel that included experts in economics, government and public affairs, corporate restructuring and bankruptcy and business consulting, to talk about communications.

The biggest mistake businesses are making now?  Not communicating.  I told the audience, and I truly believe, that it is illogical and irrational for businesses, in this environment, to try to  “stay under the radar.”  Here are some more highlights from the presentation:

This economy will have winners and losers and, chances are, the winners will be the ones who are telling their stories, delivering their messages and strengthening their brands right now.  “Keeping your head down so it doesn’t get shot off” is not a business strategy – it’s actually a complete lack of a strategy.

Also, there have never been more ways for business to communicate – traditional media, social media, company Web sites, email, advertising, internal networks, etc. can combine for a powerful set of tools to stand apart, especially in tough times.

Those who are cutting or eliminating their communications efforts do so at their own risk.

Interested in hearing more?  A panel comprised of many of the same individuals who spoke this week will present a similar program in Grand Rapids, Michigan on June 3rd.  You can find out more at this link.