LIVE and Facebook Teaming Brilliant

On this momentous day in Washington, D.C., every major (and minor) news outlet continues to stream live coverage of the presidential inauguration via their respective websites. It is a first, of course, in and of itself, for this historic event. LIVE, though, is taking this coverage (and its format) a few steps further, even as I type.

The cable news network has joined forces with social media giant Facebook, allowing CNN site visitors to watch the day’s events live while also updating their FB “walls.” As such, you and your “friends” are able to, together, experience the monumental goings-on in our nation’s capital while simultaneously sharing unique thoughts and perspectives.

Viewing coverage in this way feels a bit like the old days of the 3 television networks (yes, I am dating myself and going back a good 25 years) when the majority received their news from a select few outlets.

Today, in more ways than one, this country once again feels like a community.