Coach's Tantrum? A PR Never

By now, you have probably seen Oklahoma State Head Football Coach Mike Gundy’s post-game press conference after his team won last Saturday. Instead of answering questions, he unloaded on a columnist in a public tantrum that stretched on for more than three minutes.

Whether you agree with the columnist’s take on the story or not, one thing is for sure, Coach Gundy made a huge mistake. There aren’t many “nevers” in PR, but he broke a few of them:

-Never lose your cool
-Never air your issues with a journalist in public, before discussing it in private
-Never let your actions in dealing with the media become the story.

Respected ABC/ESPN analyst Kirk Herbsteit opined that Coach Gundy’s tirade won respect from his players because the team knows he “has their back.” But for the University, its customers (fans) and the journalists who cover the team – the Coach is a true loser. He lost respect by bringing embarrassment to his school and damaging relationships that are important to his future.