Communications Key To Building Brand

We often say that the communicates that communicate the best are also the most successful businesses.

Now, a new study in Business Week is backing that up.  The Interbrand report ranks the value of the Best Global Brands.  They take into account how recognizable the brand is globally and outside of its base of customers and its marketing.  The report measures brand value the way any other corporate assets are valued – on how much it is likely to earn for the company in the future.  Here are the top 10, listed from 10 to 1:

Google, Disney, McDonald’s, Intel, Toyota, Nokia, GE, Microsoft, IBM and, at #1, Coca-Cola.

Think of a brand much like someone’s personality.  These are the companies that have the personalities that will make them successful worldwide. How is that achieved?  Through communications.

Want your business to perform better?  If so, there is no better investment than a communications program.