Detroit Leadership Still Doesn't Have It Right

With Detroit’s deposed, disgraced former mayor behind bars, his former Chief of Staff and cohort in crime, Christine Beatty, was sentenced today to a similar fate of 4-months behind bars. Our local justice system finally got it right. Now for what’s wrong.

In listening today to the radio for reaction I came across a broadcast and soundbite from Monica Conyers, current City Council President. Never one to think before speaking (or acting) she said into the reporter’s microphone: “These people made mistakes…because they were young and inexperienced.”

I was appalled.

Kilpatrick and his ‘gone fishing” buddy are wearing prison orange because of their arrogance and abuse of power. This had nothing to do with age or experience; to be sure, stupidity knows no such demographic boundaries. And, last time I checked, both were well into their 30s with Kilpatrick serving previously in Lansing as a lawmaker.

Conyers once again puts her foot into her considerably large mouth, offending another vital constituency—youthful voters—our future—already turned off by politicians and their constant missteps.

Perhaps this group will be newly motivated to turn out to the polls the next time Conyers is up for reelection and vote accordingly. Wouldn’t that be a just demonstration of “youthful exuberance?”