Crisis Communications

The most successful survivors of the scrutinizing public and media eyes, especially in the age of instant information and opinion formation, are those who are fully prepared to appropriately respond to their inquiries and inject their voices into the dialogue.

Tanner Friedman collaborates with senior management and legal advisers to guide clients through crises that threaten a company’s reputation and finances. We help identify and form crisis teams and establish protocols. We help determine the facts, create key messages and develop timelines for disseminating them. We also prepare representatives on how best to put forth messages of regret and resolve, helping an organization stay on the tracks and heal.

Prompt, thoughtful actions are essential to show openness, responsiveness, sensitivity and trustworthiness. Ignoring the situation, creating “spin” or “being unavailable for comment” simply don’t apply in today’s fast-paced, tech-savvy environment. We help separate the fact from myth and set a path for clarity.

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