Crisis Communications

In a crisis, you don’t have time to wait. You need trusted, experienced communications counsel, grounded in fundamentals, to help you act quickly and honestly.

The most successful survivors of scrutinizing public and media eyes, especially as information travels instantly and opinions are formed in the blink of an eye, are those who are fully prepared to appropriately respond with a message and a voice.

From natural disasters to employee misdeeds to litigation, we are the first recommendation for executives and attorneys. Readers of Michigan Lawyer’s Weekly have named Tanner Friedman the top PR firm for crisis management.

We work closely with senior leadership, boards of directors, communications staff and legal counsel to guide clients through crises that threaten reputation and business continuity. Far in advance of trouble, we help form crisis teams and establish protocols. When crisis strikes, we determine the facts, create key messages and connect with audiences. We also prepare representatives to communicate, inside and outside, helping the organization stay on the path toward recovery.

Only experienced counsel can advise the correct thoughtful actions to match a complex, emerging situation. Waiting too long, creating “spin” or “being unavailable for comment” simply won’t work. We help separate the fact from myth and provide clarity.

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