Kid Rock Proves He's Wants to Be More than just a Cowboy

He wants to be downloaded.

Fans of Kid Rock will finally be able to legally download his music as the artist has announced his songs will be available via Rhapsody—an iTunes competitor. Rock has long eschewed the world of MP3s because of his distaste for the Apple royalty system.

Like any savvy marketer, Rock identified an alternative approach to providing his audience with the product they demand via the media they prefer. It is akin to what we counsel our clients at Tanner Friedman; don’t avoid a particular medium if that is where your customers are.

Over the years, we have seen it all—including companies that are more concerned with what their CEOs read or watch, (the “cover your own butt” syndrome); those that don’t utilize a new communications platform (i.e. social/online media) because they don’t understand it or utilize it themselves; and those that “blacklist” a media outlet or reporter because of one bad experience.

Kid Rock may come across as a rebel, but his latest decision is text book: Know your audience by listening to them and then act accordingly.