Kilpatrick Should Eschew Advisors, Do The Right Thing

164065,1223867440,11And so the sordid saga of Kwame Kilpatrick continued today in Wayne County Circuit Court.  In recent weeks, the Kilpatrick defense team attempted to disqualify Judge Groner.  Today, the former mayor’s attorneys tried more misdirection from the issue at hand; focusing this time on the mayor’s parole officer, implying in questioning that she did not make it clear to Kilpatrick what financial information he was required to report.  Ludicrous all.

Even Kilpatrick’s Manhattan PR advisor Mike Paul got into the act today, when he was unexpectedly called to the stand by Groner and asked what fees he was charging someone who indicated he had no money. $1 was the answer although the spokesperson conceded that his contract is with defense attorney Schwartz. Schwartz objected to Paul’s appearance, saying he was a member of the defense team. You keeping track of all this? You believing any of it?

It’s time to come clean with full disclosure. It’s time to demonstrate responsibility and sensibility. Kilpatrick and his legal team need to stop with the games and ‘smoke and mirrors.’ He didn’t know he was supposed to disclose a $15,000 gift to his sons from Sigma Associates, brought to light for the first time today? C’mon. He doesn’t know what financial resources his wife is managing? Find out. He doesn’t have the money to pay his restitution? Then don’t take out a million dollar lease to live in a mansion.

Here’s the bottom line: In the world of reputation management and repair, words are cheap.  Tangible, corrective actions, on the other hand, are key. Doing the right thing, in other words, is all that’s left for Kwame Kilpatrick. Pay your debt to society as ordered by the court. No one wants to hear or see anything else. Forget $1. We’re offering up that advice for free.