Music To (and For) Our Ears

When was the last time you bought a CD, downloaded a song or listened to music radio? If you can’t recall one or more of those dates, it may be time to try something new that might just rekindle your interest in radio and songs new and old.

The September issue of Popular Mechanics features their choices for the latest in audio streaming services where, for a small monthly subscription price, you can gain access to virtually millions of tunes. Among the most cost effective are: Rdio, with a web access to 8.5 million songs in their catalog and fee of $4.99 a month ($9.99 for web apps); and Mog, same price with a database of 11 million songs to keep even the most ardent audiophile occupied. And, at just a buck more a month (and another million songs available to boot), former song stealer Napster is now legit.

And while on-demand music apps top the download charts, many are now opting, via smartphone and tablets, for a new range of online options to listen to analog radio. Those worth checking out include Tunein, which features thousands of live, local radio station broadcasts worldwide (and the ability to record Tivo-style); and WunderRadio, offering historical broadcasts and even police scanner traffic.

It’s delectable ear candy packaged in an array of colorful new wrappings that are all worth at least a taste if not long term savoring.