On The Radio, Online

It’s usually Don who writes about radio and music (he literally wrote the book on it). But he’s busy running the World’s Largest One Day Automotive Event this weekend, so I’ll have to do.
In the spirit of trying to keep Tanner Friedman fans informed of the best of “new” communications, I encourage you to check out AOL Radio when you can.

I personally hadn’t been on anything AOL has to offer in about six years before checking this out. Now, I’m hooked. AOL Radio lets you listen to CBS owned stations, in real time, from across the country. Rock fans past age 30 should like Atlanta’s DAVE FM (adult album rock with live DJs). Plus, there are dozens of “channels” in some music genres that aren’t even available via satellite (like “One Hit Wonders”).

There are a few legendary stations, like New York’s WCBS-AM and Chicago’s WBBM-AM, that I used to listen to, on lucky clear nights, as a radio obsessed kid. Now, I can listen anytime, right from my computer.

It’s all “free” (or, as they say in the radio business “advertiser supported”). Take it from us – next time you want to listen to the radio in the office or at home, try it without a radio.