Striking a Nerve, Setting the Tone

Based on the incredible response—both online and otherwise—it was quite heartening to find that our recent blog on exercising the golden rule in interactions with employees and colleagues really struck a nerve with like-minded individuals. I know it has always been an incredibly important dynamic to Matt and me; so important, in fact, that one of the first things we did when forming the agency was to set forth the tenets for the culture we wanted to create at Tanner Friedman.

Both of us have supervised colleagues in some capacity at virtually every place we have served. We know first-hand that you cannot create a positive work environment nor accomplish goals without mutual respect; it forms the very foundation on which a company should be built. Mutual respect also entails open and honest communications in interactions with others and a willingness to consider diversity of thought. Not to mention empowering individuals to make decisions (and, at times, mistakes).

All of this, in turn, fosters creativity, teamwork and shared vision.

Perhaps most importantly, this positive approach leads to rewarding and fulfilling careers for the individuals that you employ and work with every day.

Setting the tone and an example starts at the very top. As a business or corporate leader, do you promote a “me” or a “we” mentality? Is it “YOUR” company or “OUR” company? If your response to both questions is the former, you are surely on the path to having “NO” company.