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Trump's "Truth" and Consequences

In recent days I’ve been watching, listening and reading about the latest trials and travails regarding Russia and the Trump administration; simultaneously biting my tongue on commenting and chomping at the bit to weigh in. So without bringing politics into it (if that is at all possible, really), let’s take a look at what has … Continued

What's The Buzz – Tell Me What's Happening

Bill O’Reilly. The Facebook murderer. Media and society.  All were hot topics and the center of conversation last night on Fox-2’s “Let it Rip” with Huel Perkins.  As we helped weigh in as part of a distinguished panel something apparent became even more disturbingly clear: something is wrong in Denmark, on many fronts. And, tying … Continued

White House Diatribe Worse For PR Than It Is For Media

It’s impossible to do PR analysis of brand new Presidential spokesman Sean Spicer’s Saturday evening press briefing. That’s because it wasn’t PR. It was a diatribe that reeked of fascist-style propaganda, in tone and in content. Watch it here, unfiltered, to see for yourself. As a media and PR fan, I have avidly watched and … Continued

Mylan Backtracks While Kaeperick Sits

This past week saw not one but two high-profile crisis communications stories – one in the area of sports and the other in pharmaceuticals.  The latter is alarming while the former is thought-provoking.  Both have sparked great reaction and underscore the importance of thinking before acting and considering the potential ramifications of your actions, both … Continued

The 12 Days of Business: Holiday Hopes for 2016

With apologies to those who observe Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or variations, a few hopes for the holiday season and beyond – for business and life – to the tune of a Christmas classic:   On the first day of Business I’d really like to see a fulfilling year for you and me   On the second … Continued

"Passion" No Excuse For Bad Business Behavior

The highlight of this past week was a long breakfast catch-up with one of my favorite colleagues from a job I had nearly 20 years ago. It had been two years since we had the chance to catch up in person and this time, with no agenda, the conversation was wide-ranging. Along the way, stories … Continued