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The Blog: A 10,000 Foot Viewpoint

I recently spoke with a large area business organization about public relations and communications. As the subject turned to social media it was apparent that many in the room were not using the medium for much more than promoting products and services, certainly not for putting forth thought leadership in their respective fields. As podcasts … Continued

Op-Ed Opportunity Takes Understanding

Just when it seems like everything in media has changed, there’s one piece of news real estate that’s still as prized as beachfront property. The op-ed. To those who work in government affairs, it’s the brass ring – attention for their policy initiative. To the big ego, it’s a tantalizing chance to gain attention (with … Continued

There Is Life After Sports Illustrated and It’s A Kind of Sad

There once was a time when media consumption wasn’t constant. There was a time and a place for it. For most of my life, my favorite piece of media, the time was Friday, either afternoon or evening, and the place was the couch. The media I looked forward all week to consuming was Sports Illustrated. … Continued

In A Strike, The Only PR That Matters

Strike duty is tough PR duty. We know. We’ve been there. The first big adversity project Don and I worked on together was when airline pilots went on a global strike more than 20 years ago. Right now, both the United Auto Workers and General Motors are working overtly and covertly to get messages out, … Continued


We’re sharing our insight on podcasts, artificial intelligence and the media and targeted outreach in our 2019 Q3 Update. But that’s not all – see the new faces in our office and our most recent client focus. Check it out!  

Tanner Friedman Welcomes Fall 2019 Intern Lindsay McFern from Central Michigan University

FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich. – Central Michigan University student Lindsay McFern has joined the Tanner Friedman Strategic Communications team as their fall 2019 intern. In her role, McFern will have the opportunity to learn and contribute in areas such as media relations, brand building, social media strategy, strategic planning and client communications. During her time at … Continued