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Tanner Friedman Q4 Update

As we look toward a new year, what might the future bring? Change communications remains vitally important to managing reputations and messages, while, there is still hope for civility in how we interact day to day. Our thoughts here along with first looks and listens at new podcast and video work.

Your Top Priority For 2020: Anticipating, Communicating Change

Heading into 2020, organizations must prepare for change. That could include making sure your company is ready for the next recession. Or it could be adapting to meet the fast-evolving needs of your audiences. We are seeing a trend in communication that meets the change imperative. We call it “Change Communications.” In the past year, … Continued

Transparency: Clearly Just Another Buzzword

Everybody thinks they have “a good sense of humor.” But we all know that’s just not true. Some people just can’t get a joke or take a joke, let alone make a joke. Every corporation, government entity and nonprofit organization thinks they are “transparent.” But we also know that’s just not true. Despite using that … Continued

Crisis Event Shows What It Takes To Overcome Adversity

In recent days, the Detroit Regional Chamber convened a group of business people who were like many in all communities of all sizes across the country. They understand that for their businesses, a crisis is inevitable. But unlike most business people, this group wanted to start thinking about it and acting, right away. I had … Continued

Food PR: Prepared, Overdone, or Too Raw for Consumption?

Sometimes in our social media saturated, 24-7-365 news cycle reality, a communications initiative can be put in motion too quickly. Take the case of the recent day Chick-fil-A faux pas. As the chicken sandwich war begun last summer with Popeyes prepares to re-intensify, Atlanta-based Chick-fil-A sent an email last week to many of its loyalty … Continued