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Imperfect Storm in Texas Begs Questions, Answers

As we continue to watch the dangerous trials and tribulations of those residing in Texas and contiguous states, calls for investigations into what exactly happened and why are almost as loud as those for help. This after more than a week of unwieldy weather and hundreds of thousands still without power and safe drinking water. … Continued

Mom Always Did Know Best

While it is important for all of us to consider our professional brand – including how we develop, communicate it and market what we do in business – it is as important (if not more so) to underscore our personal brand. That includes defining and consistently exhibiting who we are and what we stand for. … Continued

The King Isn’t Dead: Why Bud Stole The Super Bowl Show

During and after the Super Bowl, there are about as many armchair ad analysts as there are would-be football coaches. That’s why we try to go deeper and examine (especially when we would gather in the office on Monday morning), whose Sunday spend would help or even hurt a reputation. PR should be part of … Continued

Lesson From PR: After Consequences, Follow The Truth

In the PR business, truth is our currency. I understand that may be hard to believe if you’re reading this from the outside or if you’ve only worked on the fringes of the profession. Too often, like in many jobs, the most visible PR is the worst – filled with diversions rather than honesty. We … Continued

Explore Radio’s Role In Capitol Riot

It may not be true in politics, but it is in real life: Just because you’re a fan of something doesn’t mean it’s beyond reproach. I’m a fan of radio. It’s what started me, at a young age, on my path to a career in communications. It is, or was before the pandemic, my companion, … Continued