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Political, Business PR Gap Is Widening

If there’s one thing about the reaction to the remarks made by a Michigan State Senator to a journalist this week can teach us, it’s that the already significant differences between political PR and business PR are widening. As the days pass, the story involving Peter Lucido grows, receiving national and international attention. As frequent … Continued

Amid December Layoffs, The New Jobs Headed For Media Outlets

Sometimes, the defense mechanism of humor is the only way to get through a tough situation. Whether PR types want to admit it or not, the continued contraction and consolidation of the media industry, resulting in annual job cuts, presents a tough situation for anyone wanting to attempt to make news. So when I’m asked … Continued

Transparency: Clearly Just Another Buzzword

Everybody thinks they have “a good sense of humor.” But we all know that’s just not true. Some people just can’t get a joke or take a joke, let alone make a joke. Every corporation, government entity and nonprofit organization thinks they are “transparent.” But we also know that’s just not true. Despite using that … Continued

In Midst of Cascading Water, Mindful Customer Service

Blogs can be a funny thing – as can social media in general. At best, a blog post can provide perspective and perhaps constructive criticism. At the other end of the spectrum, they can appear to attack or deride (albeit often deserved). Far too seldom, though, do they celebrate or thank or spotlight something or … Continued

The Business New Year’s Resolution That Actually Stuck

A year ago, nearly to the day, I sat in an exam room at the doctor’s office during an annual physical and heard words I didn’t expect. “Your blood pressure is high.” Just as the doctor started to talk about how he was surprised, given I had shown no signs of it before and how … Continued