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Your Top Priority For 2020: Anticipating, Communicating Change

Heading into 2020, organizations must prepare for change. That could include making sure your company is ready for the next recession. Or it could be adapting to meet the fast-evolving needs of your audiences. We are seeing a trend in communication that meets the change imperative. We call it “Change Communications.” In the past year, … Continued

Transparency: Clearly Just Another Buzzword

Everybody thinks they have “a good sense of humor.” But we all know that’s just not true. Some people just can’t get a joke or take a joke, let alone make a joke. Every corporation, government entity and nonprofit organization thinks they are “transparent.” But we also know that’s just not true. Despite using that … Continued

Trust In Local News Should Help Local PR

In the PR business, there traditionally has been nothing quite like the aura of “national.” “National” agencies have portrayed themselves as superior in every respect, commanding giant staffs and fees. “National” media placements have been thought by clients to be more precious and worth more money than just about anything. I’m not here to say … Continued

AI: New Technology Could Bring New Life to Past Media Programming

Content is King. As consumers, it’s what we crave. As communicators, it’s what we create. From radio, cable and satellite to podcasts, apps and Roku, the appetite must be fed. More platforms also means more competition and the need for what is heard, watched, read, broadcast or streamed to be compelling and produced quickly and … Continued

The Next Popeyes? Please Don’t Order That.

Based on our experience, now is the time is when the requests typically start coming in to professional service firms. Everything that got procrastinated all year or couldn’t get approved during the summer requires sudden, urgent attention between the day after Labor Day and about a week after Thanksgiving. By all means, bring it on. … Continued

The Baseball Strike Communications Lesson That Lingers

Thanks to news coverage, I know that I’m writing this post 25 years to the day after the monumental Major League Baseball strike. That helps me remember something I learned then that is still relevant now. The players went on strike after the games on Friday night. On Saturday morning, I was producing a local … Continued