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In A Crisis, Remember That Time Matters

In a crisis, many executives don’t know what to do. That’s fine. Even the best business experience doesn’t prepare some for situations they couldn’t even imagine before. They need help. In recent weeks, we have seen a range of responses to adversity and this feels like the right time to share some of them with … Continued

Please Read Joe Whall’s Story, Then Thank Someone

When a Federal Bankruptcy Judge appointed a fraud investigator to lead the uncovering of details in what would become the largest payroll tax fraud case in U.S. history, that professional picked a 30 year-old to run communications for his operation. The fraud examiner who was put in charge of untangling a mess of historic crime … Continued

Here’s How You Can Help The Looming Vaccination Crisis

You often read in this space about crisis communication. Together, we are heading straight toward a crisis. Communication is needed right away, no matter who you are or what you do, as long as you believe in the scientific advancement in the vaccines that lead to near-complete immunity from COVID-19. The numbers, as usual, don’t … Continued

A Public Figure is a Public Figure is a Public Figure – Repeat.

When someone becomes a public figure, they are going to compromise their private life. There is simply no way around that fact as “home” and “work” become forever intertwined and actions open to scrutiny. Whitmer administration COO Tricia Foster is the latest public figure to experience this, posting and then taking down Facebook photos of … Continued

Imperfect Storm in Texas Begs Questions, Answers

As we continue to watch the dangerous trials and tribulations of those residing in Texas and contiguous states, calls for investigations into what exactly happened and why are almost as loud as those for help. This after more than a week of unwieldy weather and hundreds of thousands still without power and safe drinking water. … Continued