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Lions Phenomenon Checks All The Boxes

As the Detroit Lions head to San Francisco for this weekend’s NFC Championship Game, they have created a literal phenomenon born not just of winning but by a range of additional factors necessary for creating same.  In and out of sports theirs is a recipe often attempted but rarely duplicated. In the field of marketing … Continued

A Tribute to Ken Calvert

Much is being recalled and written about today on the untimely and tragic passing of Ken (“KC”) Calvert. And with good reason. He was a legend. Known as “The Casual One” he could just have easily gone by any number of other monikers – “The Personable One” or “The Talented One.” He was just that … Continued

Quarterback – Effective Storytelling Beyond the Lines

As we eagerly await the kickoff of today’s Detroit Lions game against the Seahawks, I thought it a time apropos to call out, in a positive way, the PR machine that is the National Football League and the new Netflix series “Quarterback.” It is a study in effective story-telling that is worth a closer look. … Continued

What’s Next for 910 AM Superstation?

Listeners turning in to 910 AM Superstation this weekend were no doubt checking and rechecking the radio dial position and time of day, greeted by ESPN radio, normally a station overnight staple. Bit by bit information has trickled out that the regular format – at one time billed as the “The Voice of Detroit” and … Continued

FLASH: DC Finally Listens To Its Customers

(Spoiler Alert: If you have not seen the movie, plan to read this after watching it). When we meet with a new or prospective client the number one thing we do is listen. Because no matter our experience or familiarity with the industry sector, we need to first hear and appreciate goals, objectives and needs … Continued

Work/Life Balance = Life/Work Balance

It’s interesting. When we think about or talk about maintaining a work-life balance, it often has to do with our making sure we are taking time off of work to relax and smell the roses – even if you love your job. I would offer that it is just as interesting when we look to … Continued