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“The Whale” Offers Life Lessons Large and Small

As one gets older it is only natural to become more reflective of year’s past and interactions with family and friends, loved ones and contemporaries, including in the context of tenets you have set for life and for work.  The importance of balance, understanding and mutual respect – toward others and toward oneself. Such messages … Continued

The King of the Road Takes a Detour

It comes up in an instant and is completed almost as quickly.  And yet, the radio traffic report can often be as important as anything broadcast across the airwaves. Over a career spanning nearly 50 years, perhaps no one has plied his roadway craft more capably than Dennis Neubacher, who officially “retired” from full-time on-air … Continued

Can Black Adam Keep Warner In the Black?

This Friday, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s decades long dream of bringing DC Comics character Black Adam to the silver screen finally becomes a reality. But will it sell? Despite a range of challenges, Warner (DC’s parent company) is pulling out all the promotional and marketing stops aimed at ensuring exactly that. The primary challenge here? … Continued

Much Ado About Something at WHMI-FM

Radio can be many things to many people. A source of news and information. A hub for music and entertainment.  A gathering place, through the airwaves, for community. The voices we listen to can become our trusted and, in many cases, beloved connectors to the outside world. Moreover, where and when those personalities also become … Continued

Music To Our Ears: Pine Knob

What’s in a name? In the case of Pine Knob, a lot. And, with the announcement of its historic return to roots, there is much to celebrate as we look (and listen) back and ahead. Of course, there has always been more to this venue than merely its name and iconic sunset/hill/tree logo. After officially … Continued

Sheriff Mike Bouchard Continues to Communicate Facts, Resolve, Emotion

In the wake of terrible tragedy this week in Oxford, our collective community has been left wanting for so many things – answers, compassion, resolve, leadership, healing and so much more. Having just watched Oakland Country Sherriff Mike Bouchard’s latest press conference within the past hour on this late Saturday afternoon, I was struck once … Continued