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There Is Life After Sports Illustrated and It’s A Kind of Sad

There once was a time when media consumption wasn’t constant. There was a time and a place for it. For most of my life, my favorite piece of media, the time was Friday, either afternoon or evening, and the place was the couch. The media I looked forward all week to consuming was Sports Illustrated. … Continued

Time For Media to Rethink Customer Service

 I don’t want to pile on.  Lord knows both print and broadcast media are seeing their share of problems today.  I also don’t want to come across negatively in this blog.  I’m looking for solutions, suggesting a few even.  That said, this week I faced a double conundrum that, unfortunately, seems endemic – customer service (or … Continued

Kwame Kilpatrick Still Doesn't Get It

Last week for the first time ever, I watched the classic prison film, “Shawshank Redemption,” starring Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins. Earlier that day, Father’s Day, Kwame Kilpatrick tweeted that he missed his children and looked forward to getting home and becoming a father again to his three boys. On Friday, that wish came true. … Continued