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Latest MSU Mess Shows Reality Denial

There’s a reality that is too often ignored, even scoffed at, by organizations of all sizes, in all lines of work. We are seeing it right now after a sexual misconduct investigation into Michigan State University’s $95 million head football coach Mel Tucker was revealed in a USA Today story posted just hours after Tucker … Continued

Email Media Relations Can Be Risky Business

PR types and journalists shouldn’t just be working together. We can learn from each other too. Last weekend, I was honored to be asked to speak at a first-of-its-kind event, created by the Asian American Journalists Association’s Detroit chapter, in partnership with the regional chapters of National Association of Black Journalists, the Society of Professional … Continued

New News Data Should Stress, Wake Up PR

Perceived or otherwise, the rules of engagement in the PR business used to be pretty simple. Pay us, we’ll get you into news coverage and that will help drive your business. While media relations can still be a significant part of what we do for a living, new data shows how the premise and promise … Continued

Unhappy Days For ABC Signal More Change

In the media business, who owns what is of primary importance, but it’s often not obvious unless you pay close attention. Local media outlets, for example, are almost all owned by conglomerates, but play up their local brands or, in the case of TV, their legacy network ties. The same goes for those legacy networks, … Continued

Northwestern Firing A Reminder For Higher Ed

Northwestern University’s football scandal, which has risen to the surface this week, is an important reminder for anyone in a position of authority in higher education. There are few more high-profile institutions in American life than our colleges and universities. After 25 years of working with them, on issues from academic to athletic, public and … Continued

Twitter Change May Help Break The Bad Habit

Twitter. Can’t live with it. But starting to learn to live without it. How are things going? This is an actual quote from an actual news story in several leading national outlets including the New York Times: “A email to Twitter’s communications department seeking comment was returned with a poop emoji.” Not long ago, I … Continued