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Goodbye, Print News. I Held On As Long As I Could

For the first time in my life, I no longer have a local newspaper delivered to my home. I know. What took so long? This has been a gradual weaning. In recent years, it has just been a Sunday experience. But this was the way I was raised (by readers who were raised the same … Continued

In 25 Years, The “Fax” On How PR Has Changed

25 years ago this week, The Unabomber, Monica Lewinsky and Whitewater were all in the news and for the first time in my adult life, I had started getting paid for something other than producing, writing or reporting the news. It was my first week in PR and, although I wasn’t exactly sure what I … Continued

The Most Realistic PR Character In TV History?

There’s no job that’s the same in real life as it is on TV. Just ask police officers about “Law and Order” (every mystery is solved and tried in an hour with commercials) or doctors about “E.R.” (nobody even mentions insurance companies). But there aren’t many shows about business PR and those that include in … Continued

Terror Attack News Coverage Should Learn From Crisis PR

“Get the widow on the set! We need dirty laundry.” Don Henley’s “Dirty Laundry,” which offered biting criticism of broadcast news, along with some nice guitar solos, is now 41 years-old. The lyrics came to mind this week as 10 million of us in Michigan experienced an act of terrorism even though that isn’t how … Continued

PR Might As Well Face It: We’re Addicted To Statements

On one hand, conversations between journalists and PR types shouldn’t be much different than interpersonal communication between any of us. We all communicate differently than we used to and it’s a ton more text, email and app direct messages than once upon a time. Even stilted, agenda-driven Zoom and Teams calls fall under a similar … Continued

Radio Station Return A Fun Media Moment, At Least

The closest thing to a time machine may have been invented by, of all people, those who run a once-bankrupt media company. But will it be good for business? For now, I don’t really care because I’m really enjoying it as it’s getting started. 99X is back on the radio in Atlanta and, well, everywhere. … Continued