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After 20 Years, Two Takeaways From A Colossal Crisis

No matter the line of work, if you do it for long enough, you’ll have plenty of “war stories” to tell the younger people in your workplace. This week marks 20 years since one of my all-timers. I was representing an airline when 7,000 of its passengers were stranded on its planes for up to … Continued

The President of CNN Needs Media Training. What about you?

When I conduct media training sessions, there are a few stories I tend to tell to illustrate points. One is about the executive who, about five minutes into a session, was interrupted by his assistant about a phone call from headquarters. While the session lasted several hours, he chose not to return. Another is about … Continued

Stop The Cliche For Bad Communications

A simple Google News search shows that it happens every week. Someone, or some company, in the public eye makes a bad decision to communicate in an insensitive, inappropriate or even immoral way. Instead of using precise language to call attention to what can be, at best, a mistake and, at worst, a flaw in … Continued

Amazon HQ2 Losers: We Feel You

To all of the cities around North America that failed to land Amazon’s “HQ2,” we feel you. After virtually every metropolitan area tried to woo Amazon’s “second headquarters,” buried under the Midterm Election news is word the company is just going to expand its major bases of operations in New York City and suburban Washington, … Continued

From Detroit To New York And Back, What’s The Real Story?

Sometimes, in Big Corporate PR, there’s the official story and then there’s the real story. Never was that more evident in front of our very eyes then when my colleagues and I were working media relations for an event that was promoting the automotive future on the very September 2014 day that Cadillac announced it … Continued