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Social Media Is Like A Funhouse Mirror

If you’re lucky enough to have a job these days and it’s in communications, chances are you’re spending at least some conference calls or Zoom meetings analyzing social media posts like they are chemical particles for the awaited vaccine. During the pandemic, we’ve seen an acceleration in sensitivity to what’s posted on social media platforms. … Continued

Warning: Crisis Clickbait Is Near. Here’s What To Do About It.

It’s like a flashback to the last recession. We’re starting to see headlines that claim to tell you what exactly life will be like post-pandemic. The clickbait looks something like this: DEATH KNELL: THING YOU MISS IS GONE FOR GOOD AND NEVER COMING BACK! It’s all reminiscent of the “…Is Dead” headlines we saw years … Continued

Are Your Instagram Posts On Trend for 2020?

With the turn of a decade and new resolutions afoot, many organizations are rolling out or enhancing their Instagram accounts in the hopes they can reach the modern-day consumer, and yet, they’re using dated strategies to populate their feeds. For your brand to stand out while users swipe up, zoom in or double tap, Preview shared … Continued

The Blog: A 10,000 Foot Viewpoint

I recently spoke with a large area business organization about public relations and communications. As the subject turned to social media it was apparent that many in the room were not using the medium for much more than promoting products and services, certainly not for putting forth thought leadership in their respective fields. As podcasts … Continued

In The Face of Adversity, Diversity Reigns Supreme

As this country far too often continues to demonstrate an ugly division along racial lines, two incidents this week underscored this fact along with how civility and maturity can serve to educate if not diffuse such situations. Let’s take a look. Veteran Fox-2 reporter and all-around nice guy Roop Raj made national news in recent … Continued

Social Media: Can We Pause For Greater Effect?

Last year in New Zealand, a shooter gruesomely and callously recorded and posted video live to social media using a body cam. Despite nearly immediate and aggressive means to remove the footage (YouTube eliminated it from users’ pages 1.5 million times in the first 24 hours), it lived on for weeks. While that is an … Continued