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New Beatles Music Through A.I.? That’s A-OK.

There is perhaps no hotter topic spanning communications or science than A.I., with views as far-ranging as the applications it can put toward. As the debate continues as to its merits and pitfalls, A.I. does have its place in aiding and augmenting human capabilities. Where it often falls down is in trying to entirely replace, … Continued

In 25 Years, The “Fax” On How PR Has Changed

25 years ago this week, The Unabomber, Monica Lewinsky and Whitewater were all in the news and for the first time in my adult life, I had started getting paid for something other than producing, writing or reporting the news. It was my first week in PR and, although I wasn’t exactly sure what I … Continued

Vanderbilt Did What? Beware of AI for PR

Even after 25 years of working with higher education clients, accelerating in recent years, it can be some of the most challenging PR work possible. Audiences are varied, have high appetites for information and expect fast, if not instant communication about a wide range of content areas. The sector is experiencing tremendous changes and crises … Continued

CNN+ New Evidence of TV Business Change

We found out today that the big money CNN+ streaming service is doomed to last about as long as Mr. and Mrs. Dennis and Carmen Electra Rodman. We also found out this week that onetime streaming king Netflix has chilled – losing subscriptions and stock price. So streaming is dying? No. Not at all. Maybe … Continued

How Much Netflix Is America Really Watching? Less Than You Think.

Sometimes, when trying to figure out the fast-changing media business, it’s helpful to have the whole picture. That’s what Nielsen is trying to do with its new snapshot it calls The Gauge. We had a chance to check it out and realized that if you live in an upper-middle-class, educated, younger-skewing bubble, you can see … Continued

We are Online More Than Ever: Are You Communicating?

Over recent days, the team at Tanner Friedman has blogged about the unprecedented changes local media is making to its coverage – with new collaborations and approaches unheard of before coronavirus changed the lives of us all. But the limitations of our local media, including cuts and furloughs, underscore the importance of using your organization’s … Continued