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Tanner Friedman 2020 Q1 Update

As 2020 rolls out, Tanner Friedman can’t help but find ourselves in the midst of strange times. In our first update of the year, team members advise on coronavirus communications, explore Instagram’s latest trends and dive into audience-behaviors and the qualifying factors of Mass Media. More here.

Radio’s Latest Moves: Cost Cutting or Throat Slashing?

When I first entered the world of radio in what seems like another life, I did so because of the intrigue I always had for the medium. I loved to listen to the music of the day but, just as much, I was drawn to the on-air personalities – the talented broadcasters working behind the … Continued

Tanner Friedman Welcomes Winter 2020 Intern Leah Higgins from the University of Michigan-Dearborn

FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich. – Leah Higgins, a junior at the University of Michigan-Dearborn, has joined the Tanner Friedman team as an intern for winter 2020. Throughout her internship with Tanner Friedman, Higgins will strengthen and develop skills in various areas of strategic communications including internal and client communications, media relations, brand building and social media … Continued

Tanner Friedman Q4 Update

As we look toward a new year, what might the future bring? Change communications remains vitally important to managing reputations and messages, while, there is still hope for civility in how we interact day to day. Our thoughts here along with first looks and listens at new podcast and video work.


The goal of the Tanner Friedman internship program is to provide student participants with a meaningful, multi-dimensional, ‘real world’ experience that will build upon their educational backgrounds and help build a foundation on which they can base a professional career. Students seeking a degree in public relations or related field are preferred, in particular those who have … Continued

Tanner Friedman Welcomes Fall 2019 Intern Lindsay McFern from Central Michigan University

FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich. – Central Michigan University student Lindsay McFern has joined the Tanner Friedman Strategic Communications team as their fall 2019 intern. In her role, McFern will have the opportunity to learn and contribute in areas such as media relations, brand building, social media strategy, strategic planning and client communications. During her time at … Continued