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Tanner Friedman Welcomes Fall 2019 Intern Lindsay McFern from Central Michigan University

FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich. – Central Michigan University student Lindsay McFern has joined the Tanner Friedman Strategic Communications team as their fall 2019 intern. In her role, McFern will have the opportunity to learn and contribute in areas such as media relations, brand building, social media strategy, strategic planning and client communications. During her time at … Continued


FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich. — Jennie Miller has joined Tanner Friedman Strategic Communications as Senior Account Manager. In this role, Miller creates multi-platform communications campaigns and develops effective strategies for firm clients – including non-profit organizations and for-profit businesses – to enhance their public relations and marketing initiatives. Miller comes to the Tanner Friedman team with 18 … Continued

25 Years Later, A Conversation With An OJ Analyst

25 years ago, using a primitive, pre-Windows newsroom computer system, I could type “lower 1/3” graphic information for the name Erwin Chemerinsky with the same speed as I could Johnnie Cochran. In putting together nightly recaps of the O.J. Simpson trial, using network interviews, I knew I could always count on a soundbite from the … Continued

How To Avoid A Star-Spangled Controversy

Nothing gets attention, even in a holiday week, like a good controversy. Something to set your social media feeds aflame and give you the chance to “take sides.” In honor of the upcoming Fourth of July holiday we bring you an unequivocally American PR crisis. It features a major U.S. company (Nike), football (via Colin … Continued

PR Was The First Win of The Yzerman Era

Amid the euphoria of Detroit Red Wings great Steve Yzerman returning to the franchise as its general manager is an impressive piece of PR. The team controlled the announcement of its own news as much as any organization could be possibly be expected to own a story of this magnitude, in this environment. Unless you’re … Continued

Paige Long Joins Tanner Friedman

FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich. — Paige Long has joined Tanner Friedman Strategic Communications as Account Manager. In this role, Long focuses her efforts on creating multi-platform communications campaigns and developing effective strategies for firm clients. She works with non-profit clients, including charities and business associations, and for-profit clients to enhance their pubic relations and marketing initiatives. … Continued