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Astros’ Press Conference Strikes Out

As Major League Baseball officially begins full-squad spring training it was painfully apparent today that the Houston Astros could use more media training and, more importantly, contrition and sincerity as they officially addressed their sign stealing cheating scandal in front of the media. The league, meanwhile, is not doing much better. Led by team owner … Continued

Global Media Coverage Uneven in Wake of Coronavirus

As the world continues to watch developments related to the coronavirus, (which has now passed the SARS death toll of 774 people worldwide in 2003), we look largely to the media for what’s new and what might be coming. And just how has news coverage been over the past several weeks? Let’s take a look. … Continued

Bad News For Bank Exposes PR Trend

Just reading the New York Times column about U.S. Bank is a punch to the gut of anyone who works in PR, specifically media relations. A call center worker says she was fired for trying to help a customer in need (on Christmas Eve!) and the bank comes across as soulless and, well, corporate, as … Continued

They Say They “Heart” Radio, But Do They Really?

There’s an old saying in broadcasting. It probably started in radio. When you get into that business, especially on the air, you need to know there are two kinds of broadcasters. Those who have been fired. And those who will be fired. Nobody reinforced the lessons about the realities of the radio business than the … Continued

Are Your Instagram Posts On Trend for 2020?

With the turn of a decade and new resolutions afoot, many organizations are rolling out or enhancing their Instagram accounts in the hopes they can reach the modern-day consumer, and yet, they’re using dated strategies to populate their feeds. For your brand to stand out while users swipe up, zoom in or double tap, Preview shared … Continued