Change Communications

We combine the fundamentals of our extensive experience in crisis and internal communication to help clients manage change with their most important audiences, even under the most difficult circumstances.

This has been a core capability throughout our careers, from the tech transformation of the ’90s, then the Great Recession and, most recently, the coronavirus pandemic that forced every organization into a mode of sudden change.

Change is the single most challenging goal of any communications effort. You need counsel experienced in seeing change from the organization and audience points of view. We have recent experiences guiding clients through the communication of change, including:

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Plant and store closings
  • New government administrations
  • Executive leadership transitions
  • Re-organizations and layoffs
  • Business Relocations
  • Event cancellations
  • Corporate name and branding changes

These specialized services have been utilized in niche situations, such as the charitable foundation that created a new mission focus, the all-boys private school that announced it would start to accept girls or the professional services firm that modified its compensation formula. Our communication in this area have also helped clients with their lofty goal of changing public behavior.


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