The Voice of Business To The Nation


With the threat of the largest Chapter 9 bankruptcy filing in U.S. history looming, the Detroit Regional Chamber and Tanner Friedman saw an opportunity. If the Chamber could be a part of the initial story of Detroit Bankruptcy, as it unfolded, it could build on the Chamber’s brand as “The Voice of Detroit Business” and dispel myths while providing facts about the business boom in Detroit, despite the City’s dire municipal finance situation.


The Tanner Friedman team prepared in advance so that the instant bankruptcy was filed, interviews with Chamber leadership could be offered immediately. Before the filing, Tanner Friedman and the Chamber’s communications team developed talking points that included facts, a targeted media advisory including an initial reaction statement and plans for an in-person press briefing event for journalists.


Within one hour of the bankruptcy filing, the Chamber’s statement was included by the Wall Street Journal, in its first reporting, along with leading regional outlets. Due to the proactive, coordinated effort in the hours following the filing, the Chamber’s messaging appeared in stories by the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times and Reuters. Additionally, interviews were arranged with national television news networks Fox Business Network and CNBC, along with local television and radio stations. In total, the Chamber’s message appeared in more than 30 news stories in the immediate days.