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Debate Underscores Communication Imperative

The June 27th Presidential Debate has spawned thousands of political takes. There’s no reason to add to that here. But it’s important to note the communications lesson that should be learned: In all facets of life, even in a world of email and emojis, verbal communication remains imperative. It may not always be fair (and … Continued

30 Years Later, New Change Confronts Local Media

This space is being used to write about the TV business again because what’s going on in that industry is prompting questions in this direction almost every day. At the same time, it brings me back 30 years to the day when I was preparing to move 700 miles South to work full-time in the … Continued

What Are Your Chances of A Successful Media Pitch? Ouch.

Everyone who thinks they have a news story needs to see this number because it’s one that should hit you right between the eyes: 3.43% That’s the percentage of emailed media pitches by PR types that are actually successful. Really. Believe it or not, it’s a record high. Check out the latest report from PR … Continued

Can’t Watch The Game? Blame Everyone.

It would be so much easier to explain why the regional sports TV networks owned by Sinclair division Diamond Sports known to viewers as “Bally Sports” aren’t on Comcast, the giant cable company known to its remaining customers as “Xfinity” if there was someone to root for other than the baseball team you can’t watch … Continued

The Truth is Finally Told in New Alex Jones Documentary

Misinformation. Conspiracy theories. Fear mongering. We experience it every day, most recently in the wake of the harbor accident in Baltimore, and prominently from Infowars’s Alex Jones who suggested terrorism. “Looks deliberate to me,” he wrote according to news reports, “A cyber-attack is probable. WW3 has already started.” It’s nothing new from Jones , who … Continued