Are Your Instagram Posts On Trend for 2020?

With the turn of a decade and new resolutions afoot, many organizations are rolling out or enhancing their Instagram accounts in the hopes they can reach the modern-day consumer, and yet, they’re using dated strategies to populate their feeds.

For your brand to stand out while users swipe up, zoom in or double tap, Preview shared a list of top trends that have made their way to our palm-sized screens. You may want to consider these before exploring business opportunities on new platforms such as TikTok. Here are three TF-approved favorites:

“Instagram is for connecting with people, not collecting people.”

In late 2019, Instagram implemented hidden Likes, and with the decrease of pressure to post the most  “likeable” content, users are beginning to post more frequently.

What this Means for Businesses: Whereas organizations might post five times a month in the past, Instagram posts should now be shared three to five times a week. Account managers are no longer looking for a spike in a photo’s stats, but rather, opportunities to deepen relationships with their followers by posting honest, relatable content.

No Caption Needed

Hoping to spark interpersonal conversations in 2020, more users are expected to storytell or micro-blog in their personal captions. Authenticity about personal interests, life’s day-to-day moments and even past trials is being embraced. Content is being written as if the creator is speaking to a group of friends, rather than to 1,000+ strangers.

What this Means for Businesses: Humans are being… human, again. Businesses can let out a sigh of relief at the thought of always clever – often forced – captions decreasing, and embrace the rise of content that highlights humble beginnings, company culture and both real customers and employees.


Greeting two birds with one Tweet, Instagram users are sharing screenshots of their own Twitter posts and as a result, they are seeing more traffic to their Instagram page compared to Insta-focused content.

What this Means for Businesses: Easy-to-read text among a sea of photos stands out. A Tweet, Facebook or LinkedIn post that has something to say can be re-posted on your Instagram for maximum results. Capture and share only the text, profile name and photo, crop out the metrics and allow the repurposed message to speak for itself.

Instagram fads – from the layering of photo filters to the quirky style of accompanying captions – have fluctuated. Certainly, a lot has changed in the platform’s 10 years. But as is the case in parallel communications, bona fide content of value shared with your audience in mind is always on trend.